Luis Úrculo, starting from drawing to conquer space | EL CULTURAL

The instinctive movement of his hand, as he calls it a kind of "babbling", creates beautiful landscapes of lines - of traces or rubbing - in a choreography that spreads throughout the exhibition space in his first solo exhibition at the Madrid gallery Sabrina Amrani. Not only in his drawings, but also in his sculptures there are traces of these gestures, even in the traces that visitors draw as they walk on the floor covered in powdered plaster, and which turns the gallery into a landscape of white dunes in which there is even a lake, a shiny watery surface impregnated with white acrylic pigment from which a sort of sand idol emerges. Úrculo guides us through a nebula of memory in an indeterminate time.

'Entre Perros y Lobos'. Luis Úrculo. 25 Jan - 25 Mar 2023

You can now virtually visit Luis Úrculo's first show at our gallery in Madera Street. Check here the complete show in 3D!

Interview with Luis Úrculo: Nunca seré de piedra (ni la misma piedra lo es)

In this new work/installation created specifically for the Centro Cultural de España in Mexico, Luis Úrculo delves into themes and ways of doing that are very much part of his practice. Objects, shapes, colours and space make up a particular experience that serves to obtain a perception of the work and of the world. An interest that in his work is always born and emerges from the drawing, from the gestures that the hand makes like a babble without knowing anything yet about the final result: sculpture and installation.

His latest research is based on the idea of 'karaoke', working with the absence of information, to create new bodies of work where images or explanations are always partially missing, to create a line of complicity with the spectator, who reconstructs these pieces, like tourists, archaeologists or simple karaoke singers in a bar.

Travel to the Moon with Luis Úrculo | El Mundo

Luis Úrculo limits himself to recording the difficulty for the subject to access this unconscious populated by disturbing shadows. In fact, the canvas that comes to cover a certain piece, and which the spectator tends to want to lift in order to observe what is hidden underneath, follows in the wake of the question that envelops the whole: Is it possible to access the real in nature without being destroyed by it?

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ABC interviews Luis Úrculo

"I have always been attracted to spaces where everything is not so defined. What interests me is to lower the resolution of reality. Reality seen one hundred percent has always seemed less interesting to me than things when they are blurred. Blurring reality is what I apply to the way I construct the pieces".

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Luis Úrculo: the artist who mutated into an archaeologist

From the beginning of his artistic career, Luis Úrculo has always linked his creations to his training as an architect. Interested in everything peripheral to architecture, his work has been based on fiction, representation and interpretation of the domestic.

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ETSAM interviews Luis Úrculo in Sampling Contexts

Luis Úrculo in the fifth session of the cycle of events on architecture beyond the conference format, which will address practices of thought+production where praxis, crafts, experimentation or the redefinition of instruments, contexts and disciplinary contours. A series of interactive and speculative dialogues. 

Luis Úrculo explores construction in his audiovisual installations as a process in dialogue with time and space

Úrculo's way lay on the periphery of this discourse and he finally found it during his studies in Chicago, the city of wind and emblematic buildings. Through film, he saw a continuity elsewhere of those "X, Y and Z" vectors that he had been shown during his studies and that turned the field in which he had been trained "into something static". 

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Luis Úrculo in charge of the art direction for Veranos de la Villa

This year, Veranos de la Villa has invited an artist from Madrid, Luis Úrculo, to create a graphic and audiovisual project to accompany the program. These images, specially designed for the occasion, will be seen in different media throughout the city, not only reminding us that the Veranos de la Villa program is in force, but also proposing to the eye a visual game around the iconography and imaginary of summer.

LYNfabrikken Aarhus Denmark interviews Luis Úrculo

An installation by Luis Úrculo for BOX. “Table of Contents” is a list of parts of a project document organized in the order in which the parts appear. Is not about a final image but the possibility of it. The space is used as the first chapter of a book to be written. The drawings of fragments, traces, structures and unfinished geometries are presented as built objects.