"Señal de Abandono". Jorge Tacla. 10 Sep - 14 Nov 2020

You can now virtually visit Jorge Tacla's last show at our gallery in calle Sallaberry. Check here the complete show in 3D!

Donald Kuspit on Jorge Tacla’s Death Anxiety

Tacla’s paintings in Injury Report--a sort of mini-retrospective, featuring Beirut, 2020, alluding to the explosion that occurred at the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon on August 4, 2020; May 25, 2020, the date George Floyd was murdered, picturing a Black Lives Matter rally that occurred in New York; Architecture as Symbol, a painting of the United States Capital as a ghost of itself after the January 6, 2021 assault on it in an attempt to overthrow the American government; and Sign of Abandonment 27, 2018, alluding to the burning of far-left books by the military in 1973, the year it seized power in Chile, an event reminiscent of the year the Nazis burned books in 1933, the year they seized power in Germany--are in effect the artistic residue of these socio-political disasters.

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Setting up Jorge Tacla's exhibition: Todo lo sólido se desvanece

The terrible beauty, but beauty itself, comes from Jorge Tacla's obsession with destruction, with rubble, especially with buildings and icons of civilization. The work of this artist has to do with wounds, through various layers for reading the work.

Jorge Tacla talks from quarantine

Artsy interviews Jorge Tacla during quarantine: "My creative process went to confinement to another place, it seems. I can not find it", says the artist. Many other issues going on in Tacla's mind.

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Jorge Tacla in the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian acquires Jorge Tacla's archives and, taking advantage of the situation, the artist talks about his arrival in New York with other Chilean artists in the early 1980s.

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Artishock Magazine interviews Jorge Tacla

"Destruction does not create memory, it should remain in memory," says Jorge Tacla. That is why this theme, catastrophe, terror and death are always present in his work. Artishock magazine commits with the artist ...

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Interview: Al mismo tiempo, en el mismo lugar

In this interview, the Chilean artist Jorge Tacla explains how he conceived and carried out Al mismo tiempo, en el mismo lugar, which pays tribute to Victor Jara, a musician, songwriter, teacher, theater director, activist and militant of the Communist Party, who was brutally murdered a few days after the coup that overthrew the government of Salvador Allende, on September 11, 1973.

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Americas Now: Jorge Tacla Reveals ‘Hidden Identities’

Chilean artist Jorge Tacla exhibits his work at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington DC. Tacla's work explores the contradiction of the human condition and is inspired by historical, political and social events. Some of these events come from his own life and experience as a Chilean...

Jorge Tacla - Informe de lesiones

Informe de lesiones (Injury report) portrays the act of verifying one of the most irreversible memory elimination processes: destruction through fire. The burning of books evokes the burning of forests, bringing the disappearance of memory closer to the destruction of ecosystems; two sensitive systems in constant threat of annihilation. Exhibition curated by Christian Viveros-Fauné.

At Tacla's Studio

Jorge Tacla talks about how he works from his studio in New York and what are his main sources of inspiration.