Nicène Kossentini

Nicène Kossentini studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Tunis, at the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg and  at the Sorbonne University in Paris. During the first edition of the International Digital Media in France, she was interned at the Studio National des Arts Contemporains Le Fresnoy and at l'École de l'Image Les Gobelins.
Nowadays, she is assistant professor of experimental cinema at the University of Tunis.

Nicène works have been shown all over the world in art galleries, fairs and institutions such as Art Dubai, Marrakech Art Fair, Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Museum of Boulogne Billancourt (France), National Museum of Carthague (Tunisia), Museum of Contemporary art of Algiers (Algeria), Bamako Biennale, Alexandria Biennale, Tunis Biennale and Thessalonkini Biennale.

Nicène's approach

Mindful of her heritage and past, Nicène Kossentini seeks to uncover the lost links and buried truths of its culture and its origins. Her work thus addresses concerns of Tunisian society which have to live with a memory that tends to freeze, to flaten and become lost.


In her videos, Kossentini captures, picture by picture, the slow transformation of people and things, to reveal intimate places and bodies.


Each work is an invitation to enter into symbiosis with an uncertain and close living space. She creates singular atmospheres with minimalist escenographies, highlighting contrasts in black and white and semi visible areas. Her videos capture sights and faces about to extinct, hipnotizing the viewer's look that is sustained in wait for an inminent event. The deliberate slow movement of the camera restores the phenomenological dimension of time to better suggest the sensation of becoming a strangely enigmatic place.


In her recent videos, the artist pursues the uncertainty of the look on the viewer against his vision habits and prejudices, placing off the camera what could be a subject.


She raises the problem of identity and its elusive landmark.


Solo shows


2019     I remember the recommendations of Mr. President. Selma Feriani Gallery. Tunis, Tunisia.

2017    They abused her by saying, 2012. Lateral Velázquez, Sabrina Amrani courtesy. Madrid, Spain.

2016     Fugitive. Casa Árabe Córdoba. Córdoba, Spain.

2016     Fugitive. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2015     Dispersal. Muratcentoventidue. Bari, Italy.

2014     The Flight of the Butterfly or the Myth of Icarus Revisited. Curated by Christine Buci-Glucksmann. Selma Feriani Gallery. Tunis, Tunisia.

2014     Histoires en 5 Haltes. Curated by Djalila Cadi-Hanifi. Urban installation. Algiers, Algeria.

2012     Paraître, Galeria Sabrina Amrani, Madrid Spain.

2011     Boujmal, Selma Feriani Gallery, London, UK.

2010     They abused her by saying…, La boîte Espace d'art contemporain, Tunis, Tunisia.

2009     What the water gave me, Galerie Ammar Farhat, Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.

Group shows


2020    Ver Versus Ver. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2019     12th edition of the Bamako Encounters – African Biennial of Photography.

2019     Climbing Through the Tide. Curated by Basak Senova. Inaugural exhibition of B7L9, Kamel Lazaar Foundation. Tunis, Tunisia.

2017     Qu’avons nous fait de nos rêves? Musée Slaoui. Casablanca, Morocco.

2017     El Iris de Lucy. Centro Altántico de Arte Moderno. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

2016     Feminart II. Espacio Turina. Sevilla, Spain.

2016     El Iris de Lucy. Musée Départemental d’Art Contemporain de Rochechouart. Rochechouart, France.

2016     Effervescence. Curated by Michket Krifa. Institut des Cultures d’Islam. Paris, France.

2016     El Iris de Lucy. Curated by Orlando Britto-Jinorio. MUSAC. León, Spain.

2015     Moving Image Art Across the Arab World. Malmö Konsthall. Malmö, Sweden.
2014     Entre nosotros (Between us): Video Art from the Middle East and North Africa in a global culture Curated by Sabrina Amrani. Etopia Center for the Arts and Technology. Zaragoza, Spain.

2014     Songs of Loss and Songs of Love. Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Tim Fellrath. Gwangju Museum of Art. Gwangju, South Korea.

2014     Please rewind!. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2014     Recreational Purpose. Bahrain National Museum. Manama, Bahrain.

2014     The Divine Comedy; Heaven, Hell, Purgatory by contemporary African artists. MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst. Curated by Simon Njami. Frankfurt, Germany.

2013     Portraits, Selma Feriani Gallery, London, UK.

2013     25 years of arab creativity, The National Museum of Bahrain, Manama, Bahrain.

2013     Still fighting ignorance & intellectual perfidy, Kunsthalle São Paulo, Brazil.

2013     The after revolution, The FIAF Gallery, New York, USA.

2013     Videoformes, Video Art Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

2012     Rosige Zunkunft, ifa-Galerie, Berlin Germany.

2012     Still fighting ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy, Video art from Africa Curated by Kisito Assangni, Pori Art Museum, Finland.

2012     25 années de la créativité arabe, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France.

2012     Still fighting ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy, AIVA, Angelholm International Video Art Festival, Angelholm, Sweden.

2012     Cuerpos, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Festival "Miradas de mujeres, Madrid, Spain.

2012     Degagements la Tunisie un après, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France.

2011     Photoquai, the Biennale of World Images, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, France.

2011     Magreb: Dos Orillas, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.

2011     Images Affranchies, Marrakech Art Fair, Marrakech, Morocco.

2011     Traversée, Palais des Archevêques, Narbonne, France.

2011     No Sky, No earth. Snow falls ceaselessly, Dar Mima, Tunis, Tunisia.

2010     Dialogue among civilizations, Durban Gallery, South Africa.

2010     Split, Darb center, Cairo, Egypt.

2009     Aftermath, 25th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean countries, Alexandria, Egypt.

2009     Periferiks, Can, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

2009     The 2nd Thessaloniki Biennal of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2009     Looking inside out, Africa in Oslo, Kunstnernes Haus, Norway.

2009     AllArtNow, first edition of the International video art festival, Damas, Syria.

2008     Reorientations, Arab contemporary art, Brussels, Belgium.

2008     Video Art, Liteside Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2008     Without borders, Hispano/Maghreb Artistic Convergences, Thirtieth Pontevedra Art, Pontevedra, Spain.

2008     Mirage, Fifth Art Biennale of Tunis for Mediterranean countries, Tunis, Tunisia.

2008     2nd edition of the International meetings of Photography, Fes, Morocco.

2008     Women of images - Private Space, Museum of Boulogne Billancourt, France.

2008     L'Art au féminin, Museum of Contemporary art of Algiers, Algeria.

2007     The city and beyond, 7th edition of the African Biennale of Photography, Bamako, Mali.

2007     Women of images - Private Space, Museum of Tunis Kheireddine Palace, Tunis, Tunisia.

2006     The revealed image, orientalism / contemporary art, Museum of Tunis Kheireddine Palace, Tunis, Tunisia.

Art Fairs


2017     Art Dubai. Sabrina Amrani, Dubai, UAE. (solo)


2016     1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair London, UK.

2016     Art Brussels. Sabrina Amrani, Belgium, Brussels.

2016     Art Dubai. Sabrina Amrani, Dubai, UAE.

2016     ARCOmadrid. Sabrina Amrani, Madrid, Spain.

2015     1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Sabrina Amrani, Selma Feriani Gallery; Londres, Reino Unido.

2015     ArtInternational. Sabrina Amrani. Estambul, Turquía.

2014     Paris Photo. Selma Feriani Gallery, Paris, France.
2014     1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Selma Feriani Gallery, London, UK.
2014     Art14. Sabrina Amrani Gallery, London, UK.
2013     Artissima. Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Turin, Italy.
2013     Art Dubai, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Selma Feriani Gallery; Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.
2012     Art Dubai, Selma Feriani Gallery, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE .



2018     The Fountainhead Residency. Miami, USA.

2016     Kooshk Residency. Tehran, Iran.

2016     Residency Casa Árabe. Córdoba, Spain. (2nd part)

2015     Residency Casa Árabe. Córdoba, Spain. (1st part)

2013     Residency Project/ Invitation by the Ministry of Culture of Bahrain to produce a photo

graphic project, Bahrain.

2012     A.R.I.A/ Artist Residency in Algiers, Algeria.

Public collections


The British Museum. London, UK.

Fondation Blachère. France.

Sindika Dokolo Foundation. Luanda, Angola.

Kamel Lazaar Foundation. Tunis, Tunisia.

Museum of Modern Art. Tunis, Tunisia.




In/Visible Voices of Women, artist book on Safaa Erruas, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Nicene Kossentini, Amina Menia, Zineb Sedira. Published by Clelia Coussonnet & Missla Libsekal. 2019.

Three Tunisian Women Artists: Nicène Kossentini, Mouna Karray and Moufida Fedhila. Published by Michele Cohen Hadria. KT Press. 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9536541-8-5