Nicène Kossentini

Nicène Kossentini. Myopia. 2008, video installation, 3 screens.

Watch here artist Nicène Kossentini's glimpse of her video installation.

Heaven or Hell by Nicène Kossentini.

Watch here artist Nicène Kossentini’s video installation.

Nicène Kossentini. Schize, 2010.

Political, religious and social censorships generate a kind of incision and disjunction in the body as well as in the soul. The oppression and the deprivation of the body's liberty (by covering it) and of the soul (by preventing its expression), are acts of domination and control. In the video "Schize", legs, hands and hair.... are unveiled and exhibited behind a white screen that hides the rest of the body. In this Video, Nicène Kossentini tries to track down, through the outburst of movements whilst facing censorship, the power and the invisible force of fragile beings.

Nicène Kossentini. Spawn & Wrack, 2014.

A six video installation exempt from figurative representation. Words, both oral and written, are the unique elements in these videos. They are used in place of images to evoke imaginary spaces. This project is about six Algerians. Each person looks back at his or her life and spontaneously relates their most important memories. These six stories are told in an Algerian dialect , a mixture of the Arabic and French. They are screened simultaneously, accompanied by a transcript translated into English.

Nicène Kossentini. Stories. 2011, video, 3’10

Video. One screen. Edition of 3. Nicène Kossentini reflects about the transmission of the collective memory in the video Stories. In it, she recovers fragments of the stories that her grandmather used to tell her before she died: legends and stories that were transmimited from mather to daughter from generation to generation and that now is beggining to disappear in modern arab societies.

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Another Africa - Nicène Kossentini | Sign(s) of the Time(s)

What is left when our landmarks and memories disappear? Moreover, in an ever-changing world whose metamorphic pace is verging towards the frenetic, how is our ability to think and dream being influenced?

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