Amina Benbouchta

Amina Benbouchta is a Moroccan artist, working and living in Casablanca, Morocco and Paris, France. Born in 1963.

For several years, Amina Benbouchta has developed a body of work that is rooted in the exploration of the limits of painting, transforming concepts and observations into picture, sculpture and installation. The diversity of mediums she explores, allows a full analyzation of the complex social structure of contemporary life.

Benbouchta was born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1963, and lives and works between Paris and Casablanca. After graduating in 1986 in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at McGill University, Montreal, she attended various workshops of drawing, lithography and etching in Paris. She was also an auditor at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris from 1988 to 1990. Her artistic-cultural concerns led her to run the fashion & culture magazine "Les Alignés”, during the 90’s. In 2005, she co-founded the Collectif 212, an organization dedicated to defending the emergence of a new phase of contemporary art in Morocco.

Her latest exhibitions include her participation to the First edition of the Rabat Biennal (Morocco), the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, (Netherlands), the acclaimed international exhibition Have You Seen A Horizon Lately? , curated by Mari Ann Yemsi at the MACAAL (Marrakech, Morocco), or Línies Vermelles - La Censura en la Col·lecció Tatxo Benet. Centre d’Art La Panera (Lleidá, Spain).
Since 1986, her work has been presented in Morocco and abroad in numerous institutions and contemporary art events, including The Cairo Biennial (1993), The French Institute of Casablanca (1995), The National Museum of Women and the Arts - Washington DC USA (1997), Kerava Museum - Finland (2003), The Museum of Marrakech (2004), The Casa Arabe Madrid (2008, 2013 and 2017), The Biennial of Alexandria (2009). In 2014, she participated in the inaugural exhibition of the Contemporary art center of Vienna and that same year her work was part of the inaugural exhibition of the Museum of Mohamed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat.



«I prefer to devote myself to a work that asks questions of the future of the human being, in a universal way, without constantly bringing back the debate to the details of origin or identity.»

Amina Benbouchta

Through a wide range of practice that evolves harmoniously between painting, photography, works on paper, sculpture, installation and video, Amina Benbouchta leads an anthropological reflection, which explores in a singular way, the existing dialogue between environment, objects of the everyday life and the human figure, while highlighting this poetry of chance that often emanates from their meeting.

She invents a symbolic language, from both personal concerns and socio-cultural issues: making visible what escapes the visible. Her work is not composed of a separate series. Alternatively, each new image is added, and completes the set which pre-exists. Her research draws from an intrinsic universe, absorbing elements that evoke atmospheres related to the already existing work.

Beyond the poetic and metaphorical readings that her works inspire, there is a relevant political dimension in her creations. Each realized work corresponds to a new way of understanding the existing challenges of living as a contemporary woman in the public and private space. She questions how to position oneself in this structured, male-dominant society.


1986     Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at McGill University. Montreal, Canada.

Solo shows


2019    On the edge. Galerie Dar El Bacha. Marrakesh, Morocco.

2017     Interstices. Galerie de l’Institut français de Rabat. Rabat, Morocco. 

2016     Traversées. Dar El Kitab. Casablanca, Morocco.
2015     (M)eta(M)orphosis. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2015     Femmes au pluriel, with the collaboration of artist J. Dorléac. Salon International de Tanger des livres et des arts. Tanger, Morocco.

2014     Tout ce qui brille. Matisse Art Gallery. Marrakech, Morocco.

2013     Galerie Granville. Paris, France.

2013     Down the rabbit hole. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2012     Matisse Art Gallery. Marrakech, Morocco.

2012     Galerie Talmart. Paris, France.

2011     Galerie Artae. Lyon, France.

2011     De l'autre coté du miroir. Espace Le Cube. Rabat, Morocco.

2010     Villa Matisse Art Contemporain. Marrakech, Morocco.

2010     Espace Le Cube. Rabat, Morocco.

2009     Matisse Art Gallery. Casablanca, Morocco.

2009     La source du Lion. Casablanca, Morocco.

2008     Galerie Ré. Marrakech, Morocco.

2008     Galerie Souffle. Casablanca, Morocco.

2006     Amina Benbouchta. Le Cube. Rabat, Morocco.

2004     Foundouk Bachko. Saâd Hassani. Casablanca, Morocco.

1997     Espace ‘’9’’. Casablanca, Morocco.

1996     Galerie El Manar. Casablanca, Morocco.

1995     IFC French Cultural Institute. Casablanca, Morocco.

1994     Galerie Winance-Sabbe. Brussels, Belgium.

1992     Galerie El Manar. Casablanca, Morocco.

1991     Galerie Arcanes. Rabat, Morocco.

Group shows


2021        BUM BUM BA YE [Under Pressure]. Sabrina Amrani. Madrid, Spain.

2020    Línies Vermelles. La Censura en la Col·lecció Tatxo Benet.  Centre d’Art La Panera, Lleida, Spain. Curated by Cèlia del Diego and Benito Padilla.

2020    Ver Versus Ver II. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2020    Ver Versus Ver. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2020    United Artists. Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi. Marrakech, Morocco.

2020    Alter Ego Uprisings. 47 Dar el Bacha Gallery. Marrakech, Morocco.

2020    Have You Seen A Horizon Lately? The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL). Marrakech, Morocco.

2019    Serendipity. Villa Delaporte. Casablanca, Morocco.

2019    Modest Fashion. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Schiedam, The Netherlands.

2019    Un instant avant le monde. First edition of Rabat Biennal. Rabat, Morocco.

2019    Grands Formats dans la collection Arrijariwafa bank, 1980-2000. Actua Foundation. Casablanca, Morocco.

2019    Lend me your name. Kent Gallery. Tanger,

2019    Vingt ans, une oeuvre. L’Atelier 21 Gallery. Casablanca, Morocco.

2019     Rabat Biennale. Rabat, Morocco.

2019     Les marocaines: du regard de l’autre au regard sur soi. Maison de la Photographie. Lille, France.

2019    Tribe: Contemporary Photography from the Arab World. Katzen Arts Center, American University Museum. Washington D.C., USA.

2018    Oh se batter rend heureux meme si la défaite est total. Metamorphik Gallery. Lyon, France.

2018    Photographies. Villa Balthazar. Valence, France.

2018    Waste lands. Casa Arabe. Cordoba, Spain.

2018    Figures/le syndrome de SAUL (suis-je chasseur ou chassé?). Villa Balthazar. Valence, France.

2017    Waste lands. Casa Arabe. Madrid, Spain.

2017     Le monde et le reste. Galerie Bernard Ceysson. Paris, France. (Curated by Bernard Collet).

2017     Waste lands. Museo San Telmo. San Sebastián, Spain.

2017    Spent. Kulte Gallery. Rabat, Morocco.

2017    Des nuages et des forms. Galerie Delaporte. Casablanca, Morocco.

2017    Le monde et le reste. Galerie Bernard Ceysson. Paris, France.

2016     Feminart II. Espacio Turina. Sevilla, Spain.

2016     Des nuages et des formes. Villa Dela porte. Casablanca, Morocco.

2016     Waste Lands. Es Baluard. Mallorca, Spain.

2016     EastWing Biennial. The Courtauld Institute of Art. London, UK.

2016     I love you. VideoInsight Foundation. Torino, Italy.

2015     Traces of the Future. Marrakech Museum for Photography an Visual Arts. Marrakech, Morocco.

2015     Intercession. Galeria Delacrois. Tanger, Morocco.

2014     The luxury of dirt. Voice Gallery. Marrakech, Morocco.

2014     Regards Orientalistes. Hôtel Selmane. Marrakech, Morocco.

2014     La forme animale. Venise Cadre Galerie. Casablanca, Morocco.

2014     1914 - 2014: Cent and de crétion. Curated by M. Rachdi. Musée Mohamed VI d’Art Moderne et Contemporain/MMVI. Rabat, Morocco.

2014     Préfiguration. Centre d’art contemporain Halle des Bouchers. Vienne, France.

2014     Please rewind!. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2013     Mil caras. Instituto Cervantes. Centre d’art de Tétouan. Tétouan, Morocco.

2013    The World Is Not As I See It. Musée Slaoui. Casablanca, Morocco.

2013     Mil caras. Musée Slaoui. Casablanca, Morocco.

2012     The World Is Not As I See It. Galerie Dominique Fiat. Paris, France.

2012     Cuerpos. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2012     Art/code/21_siècle – Institut Français de Tanger. Tanger, Morocco.

2011     Le Deuxième Regard. Institut Français de Rabat et Espace de la CDG. Rabat, Morocco.

2009     25th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries. Alexandria, Egypt.

2009     Figures du corps. SG Bank. Casablanca, Morocco.

2009     Efemmeras. Instituto Cervantes. Tanger, Morocco.

2009     Connexions. Bergerac Museum. Bergerac, France.

2009     Passerelle VII.  Villa des Arts ONA Fondation. Casablanca, Morocco.

2008     Matisse Art Gallery. Marrakech, Morocco.

2008     Arte Contemporaneo en Marruecos. Casa Árabe. Madrid, Spain.

2008     Les 15. Galerie Ré. Marrakech, Morocco.

2008     Estiu art 2008. Castel de Denia. Denia, Spain.

2008     Exposition du Collectif 212. Le Cube. Rabat, Morocco.

2008     Visual Art and New Medias Festival. Casablanca, Morocco.

2008     Art Galleries Night. Le cube. Rabat, Morocco.

2007     Women and art in Morocco. Fundación Colegio del Rey. Madrid, Spain.

2006     Genap 2005, Sacré Cœur Cathedral. Casablanca, Morocco.

2005     Collectif 212 ’30 par 30’. Le cube. Rabat, Morocco.

2005     L'inspiration en partage. Le cube. Rabat, Morocco.

2004     Maroc-France. expériences croisées, Marrakech Art Museum. Marrakech, Morocco.

2004     Visions actuelles. Al Akhawayn University. Ifrane, Morocco.

2004     Transparency. Maroc/CDG. Rabat, Morocco.

2004     Traits Gravures - Bahnini.  Ministry of Culture. Rabat, Morocco.

2004     Parcours d'artistes. Rabat, Morocco.

2003     Moroccan painters. Lycée Descartes. Rabat, Morocco.

2003     Moroccan artists. Kerava Museum. Kerava, Finland.

2003     Looking for our secret Atlas. Actua. Casablanca, Morocco.

2002     Painters from our times. El Manar Gallery. Casablanca, Morocco.

2001     Women artists in Morocco. Bab El Kebir. Rabat, Morocco.

2001     Moroccan painters. Les Ateliers d’Arts Plastiques. Lille, France

2001     Moroccan contemporary art. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

2001     Moroccan contemporary art. Barcelona, Spain.

2001     Moroccan contemporary art. Valencia, Spain.

1999     Gardens of stone. El Manar Gallery. Casablanca, Morocco.

1997     Présences plastiques. Rabat Hospital. Rabat, Morocco.

1997     Three Moroccan painters. National Museum of Women and the Arts. Washington D.C., USA.

1997     Exposition pour l'Algérie. Galerie Nikki Diana Marquart. Paris, France.

1995     Casablanca, fragments d'imaginaire. IFC French Cultural Institute. Casablanca, Morocco.

1995     Damasco Gallery. Edimburgh, UK.

1994     Moroccan Exhibition. Disney Hall. Orlando, Florida, USA.

1993     Cairo Art Biennal. Cairo, Egypt. (2nd price of the Biennal)

Art fairs

2016     1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair London. London, UK.

2015     Artissima. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Turin, Italia.
2015     1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair . Sabrina Amrani Gallery. London, UK.
2014     Artissima. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Turin, Italy.

2014     1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair . Sabrina Amrani Gallery. London, UK.

2014     Art Dubai. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Dubai, UAE.

2013     Tokyo Photo. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Tokyo, Japan.

2013     Unseen Photo Fair. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2012     Beirut Art Fair. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Beirut, Lebanon.

2011     Docks Art Fair (solo). Lyon, France.

2011     Marrakech Art Fair (solo). Marrakech, Morocco.

2010     Brussels Art Fair. Brussels, Belgium.

2008     Marrakech Art Fair. Marrakech, Morocco.


2008     Castel de Denia. Denia, Spain.

2004     Musée de Marrakech/Maroc-France, expériences croisées. Marrakech, Morocco.

1997     Hôpital des enfants malades. Rabat, Morocco.

Public collections

Col·lecció Tatxo Benet. Spain

OCP Group Foundation. Morocco.

Alliance Foundation. Morocco.

CDG Fondation. Morocco.

ONA Fondation. Morocco.

BCM Bank. Morocco.

AttijariwafaBank Morocco.

Ministère de la Culture. Morocco.

Maroc Telecom Collection. Morocco.

SGMB Bank Collection. Morocco.

Ministère des Finances. Morocco.

Fondation Caisse de Dêpôt et de Gestion. Morocco.

Collection Royal Mansour. Morocco.

Videoinsight® Foundation. Italy.


2014    «Amina Benbouchta» by Najib Abdelhak, Aujourd’hui le Maroc, Mai 2014.

2013    «Tapis pour L’Automne», Illustrated art book by Michel Butor, with an original text by Amina Benbouchta. Edition of 10. Raretés des Sept Collines. Collection. Jean Pierre Huguet Editions.

2013    «Le Dilemme des Utérriens» Illustrated art book by Driss Ksikes, with an original text by Amina Benbouchta, Edition of 10. Raretés des Sept Collines Collection. Jean Pierre Huguet Editions.

2012     «Le Poème des Poèmes», Ilustrated art book by Amina Benbouchta. Edition of 10. Jean Pierre Huguet Editions. Traduction by Louis Segond.

2009     «Arte inVisible» Book about the 4th edition of the project Arte inVisible, ARCO 2009.

2009     «Amina Benbouchta, La surface et le coeur», Monograph by Bernard Collet. Traduction Rachel Stella. Jean Pierre Huguet Editions.

2009     «40 Moroccan artists in pictures» by Leila Alaoui. CGEM Fond.

2008     «Arte contemporáneo en Marruecos». Casa Árabe.

2007     «Conversations marocaines», by Katrin Ströbel. Katrin Ströbel Pubishing House.

2005     «Art contemporain au Maroc». ONA Fondation Collection Maroc.

2005     «30 ans de mécénat» by Farid Zahi and Brahim Alaoui. BCM Editions

2005     «Les tendances de la peinture marocaine contemporaine» by Moulim El Aroussi – PM Editions.

2005     «Figures du Maroc» by Gérard Rondeau. EDDIF Editions.

2005     «Maroc Dessin, writings and reflexions». El Manar Editions.

1997     «Figures du Maroc» by Gérard Rondeau and A.Rétnani. Editions EDDIF.

1996     «L’oeil» Art Review n°481 – Paris – France.

1992     «Dessins, writings and reflexions». Almanar Galerie d’art. Editions El Manar.


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