Amina Benbouchta

Work in Progress: Benbouchta during quarantine

In total confinement, Moroccan artist Amina Benbouchta reflects on the work that emerges from this period of collective upheaval.

Amina Benbouchta at Rabat biennale

The Biennial of Rabat is dedicated to contemporary arts and cultures. It is organized by the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco, under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Amina Benbouchta in Biennale de Rabat

The biennale of Rabat is inaugurated this year as the first platform that will focus exclusively on women artists. The event, which will take place from September 24 to December 15, will feature Amina Benbouchta, among other contemporary artists of the international scene.

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Amina Benbouchta on 'Piège à loup' (2014)

Amina Benbouchta (Casablanca, Morocco, 1963) on her creative process and specifically which she used in 'Piège à loup', exhibited in "Waste Lands" (collective exhibition in Es Baluard, from 19th March to 19th June, 2016.

HERstory by Amina Benbouchta

The artist Amina Benbouchta talks about her work in HERstory, an exhibition of archives to understand the feminist voices of women and men from all over the world.

MAP TV NEWS: Amina Benbouchta's opening in Rabat

For several years, Amina Benbouchta has developed a body of work that finds its source in exploring the limits of painting, transforming concepts and observations into images, sculptures and installations. The artist focuses on women, delicacy, fragility but also on their strength and presence in society.

Amina Benbouchta / Festival Off / PHE 2013

Amina Benbouchta (1963, Casablanca, Morocco) exhibited her work Down the rabbit hole in the gallery Sabrina Amrani, inside the OFF Festival of PHE 2013. The luxury and the enjoyment of the material does not imply the freedom of choice. The artist questions the role of the Arab woman as a submissive object and speaks about the current situation as a provider of daily tasks, without opinion, and willing to unconditional obedience.

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When Amina Benbouchta met Zelda Georgel

Figaro's H24 tells the story of Amina Benbouchta's particular exhibition in a gallery in Casablanca. The artist invited other artists such as Zelda Georgel to collaborate on her project, giving rise to a very special work.

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El País: Female Artists of Scorched Earth

An exhibition in San Sebastián shows the work of 13 artists from Arab and Islamic countries who break the image of a submissive and politically alienated woman. The newspaper El País talks to Amina Benbouchta.

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