Julia Llerena: searching for art in everyday life

Her work does not have a closed message, but it does "have channels for the viewer to connect and identify with something personal." And although she affirms that she does not work thinking about what the viewer may think, she considers that she is very open to the response of her audience.

Julia Llerena becomes part of the CAAC collection

The Andalusian Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage acquires the work of Julia Llerena and 43 other artists, that will become part of the CAAC collection.

The imaginary of Julia Llerena

"I am interested in the great themes, broad and unattainable, such as time, its passage, nostalgia, memory, which are very hackneyed but are "the themes". I think it is the most honest." Julia Llerena

"La habitación propia" at Centro del Carmen.

The exhibition "Between debris and things" curated by Antonio Montesinos, presents the work of Julia Llerena and other artists who propose a new form of balanced relationship between people, nature and objects.

Julia Llerena, "Home, una cuestión global"

"All the objects that surround us, no matter how insignificant they are, tell us about where we are, where we are, where we come from and where we are going" Julia Llerena

Julia Llerena at FACBA 18

Julia Llerena talks about "Los secretos de un ardid" her research work developed for the Festival of Contemporary Art of Fine Arts "El cristal rie" in Granada.

Estrato cero

"I explore on foot of nearby spaces connected to my life experience, from which I intuitively collect remains and debris resistant to the passage of time: iron, copper, glass, aluminum, cement" Julia Llerena