Edison Peñafiel

The Xqsitor | In conversation with Edison Peñafiel

In this artist talk, we'll delve deep into the intricate complexities that shape our global landscape through Peñafiel's immersive installations. His work shines a light on the often marginalized voices and experiences of migrants, laborers, and individuals subjected to surveillance, all within the context of prevailing power structures.

Peñafiel's artistic language draws inspiration from various sources, including the visual references of German Expressionism and the pervasive influence of surveillance. His installations blur the boundaries between the tangible and the virtual, creating captivating and challenging experiences that compel viewers to confront the unse ttling realities and paradoxes of our contemporary world.

Edison Peñafiel’s first NFT mirrors his journey as an immigrant and artist

For Edison Peñafiel, his first NFT reflects his journey as both an immigrant and an artist. Through photography, video art and mixed-media installation, he often depicts migrants who are caught in a loop, eternally traveling without ever arriving.

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Edison Peñafiel, all the faces of the exodus | El Cultural

It is not easy to find a gallery in Madrid with a space like Sabrina Amrani's. Its dimensions allow them to create "museum" installations, [...] The latest proposal, a 12-channel video installation by Edison Peñafiel, is dazzling. It places the spectator in the centre of the mass exodus of an entire village and intoxicates him - with the heart-rending music of Jonathan Gerstner, the sparse palette of whites, blacks and greys, and the sadness of all those faces - with the most total melancholy.

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"MARE MAGNVM". Edison Peñafiel. 11 Dec 2021 – 12 Feb 2022

You can now virtually visit Edison Peñafiel's last show at our gallery in calle Sallaberry. Check here the complete show in 3D!

Edison Peñafiel at the Bienalsur 2021

Sabrina Amrani is pleased to annouce Edison Peñafiel’s participation in BIENALSUR 2021, an international biennial that expands from Argentina to multiple countries of the global south. "Land Escape: Multimedia Installation" will be shown at the Centro de Arte - Universidad Nacional de La Plata as part of Punto de Fuga (Vanishing Point) an exhibition curated by Marina Aguerre.

Edison Peñafiel artist-in-residence at the McColl Center

Through video projection and its interaction with multimedia elements, Edison Peñafiel has created a language to talk about the world around us. Clashing ideologies and the repetitive cycles of history produce the crises expressed by his art. Utilizing irony, and heavily influenced by German expressionism, he often integrates sculpture and animation to create disturbing reflections on the realities we participate in and witness every day. Peñafiel continues to probe contemporary society, asking uncomfortable questions that it must confront. These conflicts with injustice through surreal imagery produce something we need in the world today: empathy for the oppressed.

Nagari Magazine: A voice in Walls and Windows

Edison Peñafiel's pieces are made up of video art, multichannel sounds and the combination of installations that include various materials. His inspiration consists of a current theme lived by him and many others who accompany him: migration and its circumstances. In this article you can find information about "Land Escape I" and "Land Escape II".

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The Persitsent Caravan. Multimedia installation

Site-Specific Collaborative Multimedia Installation with Aurora Molina for The Projects, FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Assorted Fabric, Sculpture, Single Channel Sound, Multichannel Video.

Art and Inmigration in the Pandemic Age

Exploring the immigrant experience, FATVillage’s latest art installation feels more relevant than ever in these socially distant times. Taking over the 8000-square-foot exhibition space, the artists merge textiles and technicolor animation to capture the global odyssey of migrants. 

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Edison Peñafiel explores migration for Voz de América

What are they running from? What are they afraid of? What do they lack? Possibly, these are some of the questions that viewers ask themselves when observing the animated characters in Edison Peñafiel's multimedia installation.

Arte al día: Florida Prize in Contemporary Art Award

"Some artists open a dialogue about latent tensions or real confrontations, while others offer an escape route," explained Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon, curator of the OMA, adding: "Peñafiel's work speaks strictly of our time and our society through complex and uncomfortable questions ”.

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Installation in Corsicana, Texas

Edison Peñafiel’s multimedia installation, Land Escape, combines video projections and physical objects to create an immersive audiovisual environment. Through the combination of mediums such as drawing, photography, video, and found objects, his installation stages a caravan of masked characters gradually marching through an animated never-ending terrain.

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