Carlos Aires: "I am a studio artist, not a computer artist" | ABC

As the artist points out, "it is complex to talk about the origin of ideas", but when he begins to delve into everything that has led him to create, for example, his latest piece, 'El Mundo', an installation that was on show at the Sabrina Amrani gallery until 13 January, he says that he is like a sponge that absorbs everything that surrounds him: the atmosphere in which he produces, his personal baggage, the apocalyptic world we are witnessing? All this permeates, making this work "the result of a computation of elements that make up an X-ray of the state of the world in which we live, from a deeply personal position".

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"EL MUNDO". Carlos Aires. 8 Nov 2023 – 13 Jan 2024

You can now virtually visit Carlos Aires's first solo show at our gallery in Madera St. Check here the complete show in 3D!

Carlos Aires talks in Dialecto CA2M. "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This”

More than 400 works by 250 artists in an exhibition that installs for the first time the CA2M collections occupying all the spaces of the CA2M. It is a celebration of the idea of Museum that was present since the decree of its foundation. At the same time, the exhibition will be international, as are its collections -that of the CA2M and that of the ARCO Foundation.

Come and see: this is ARCO 2022

Fair/Fear People is made up of banknotes that are legal tender in the 30 richest countries in the world, cut out by the Spanish artist Carlos Aires to compose a text that plays with the idea of fairness, the art fair and fear. Aires was inspired by Serge Gainsbourg's scandalous gesture of burning a 500 franc note on French television in 1984: only that if the musician's purpose was to protest against taxes, Aires subverts the idea to direct attention towards the power of the market in the middle of the market that every fair is.

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Chapelle Magazine interview to Carlos Aires

"The place where one is born or lives I believe that it influences and I have really realized this when I have gone abroad... that there is a certain nostalgia and many clichés that you carry with you [...] Spain is one of the few countries that have surrealist traditions, and wonderful ones too, which are clearly rejected by contemporary art, when I believe that there is a richness that one must try to approach without any kind of complex".

CDAN presents the exhibition Mar Negro from Carlos Aires

Carlos Aires explains his disturbing work "Black Sea" with remains of boats and that houses the Center for Art and Nature (CDAN) of Huesca. The exhibition consists of a floor of painted wood and a video that belongs to the MACBA collection. The first installation is made up of pieces from the remains of boats and small boats abandoned in Cadiz. The video provides information about the origin of this work, which is created in a boat cemetery in Cadiz, where small boats used for the illegal transport of immigrants end up.

Carlos Aires - Coup de Ville 2013

An interview with Carlos Aires, an artist who makes art with money. The Disasters series is a set of banknotes from various countries around the world in which Aires includes laser-cut images taken from the media referring to catastrophes and wars in the country of the banknote in question. Such imagery makes up our contemporary iconography and questions the real and symbolic value of money. In a way, by intervening on the banknotes, Aires decodes the global convention that establishes the value of coins, making its action illegal by destroying them, deactivating their circulation and finally annulling their function.

Carlos Aires at Truck Art Project

"I have worked through the idea of catastrophe as the understanding of the masses. I was always struck by the image of my family eating and watching the news with a spoon of soup in their mouth at the same time as watching a war. [...] The images we see on the sides of the truck are images that appear in the google search engine under the keyword 'disaster' or 'catastrophe'."