Jong Oh's artistic practice is quite particular since he does not use a studio but creates minimal sculptures in situ that respond to a given spatial situation. Responding to the nuanced configuration of each site, the artist constructs spatial structures by suspending and interconnecting a limited selection of materials: rope, chains, fishing wire, perspex, wooden and metal rods and painted threads. The elements of the work seem to float, and depending on the spatial relationship of the viewer with it these elements are connected and cross each other or appear as absolutely independent, suggesting additional dimensions to the simple three-dimensional space. Sometimes the threads that suspend these elements are practically invisible and sometimes the artist paints the thread lightly, reinforcing the visual presence of the element. Jong also uses lighting to create his compositions, where real shadows or painted lines by the artist in graphite extend his ethereal structures and favor the effect of optical illusion in a dialogue of lines and planes. His practice defies the traditionally expected assumption in sculpture of dense masses and heavy objects, acting like simple yet complex drawings that point out the particularities of the space they inhabit.


In these paradoxical limits constituted by three-dimensionality and two-dimensionality, consummation and destruction, the spectator's experience becomes a meditation on the whim of human perception. Jong's work is interactive in the sense that the perception and apprehension of each piece by the viewer is achieved only through a deep exploration of it and the negative space resulting from the intervention of the artist.

Oh appeals to the viewer to question their own perception and the way they have to relate to the space that surrounds them, offering a space for meditation and contemplation before the hustle and bustle of contemporary everyday life: a subtle and refined visual haiku about universality and the sound of space.

Jong Oh was born in Mauritania in 1981 and grew up between Spain and South Korea. He currently lives and works in New York, where he graduated in a MFA at the School of Visual Arts after earning his BFA at the Hongik University in Seoul.

Jong has exhibited extensively in the U.S., Korea, Mexico and in Europe. His work belongs to public collections such as the Maxine & Stuart Frankel Foundation in Michigan (US) and the Kablanc Otazu Foundation in Navarra (Spain).



2011     MFA Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, US
2008     BFA Sculpture, Hongik University, Seoul, KR

Solo shows (selected)

2019     Sunstone. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2019     Light and Rock. Mar Straus Gallery (Singapore Art Week). Singapore

2019     Jong Oh. Lora Ryenolds Gallery. Austin, Texas, US

2018     Corner Dialogue _ Spatial Project. Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). Seoul, KR

2018     Jong Oh. Marc Straus Gallery. New York, US
2018     Windward. Jochen Hempel Gallery. Berlin, DE

2018     Lodestar, Sabrina Amrani, Madrid, Spain
2016     Jong Oh, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2016     Sotto Voce, UCONN Contemporary Art Galleries, Connecticut, US
2015     Lodestone, Galerie Jochen Hempel, Leipzig, DE
2015     AIR, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AT
2014     Lodestone, MARSO, Mexico City, MX
2013     Tintinnabulation, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2013     Jong Oh, Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin, DE
2012     Jong Oh, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2012     Position, Reposition, Musee Miniscule, Art in General, New York, US


Group shows (selected)

2020    Ver Versus Ver. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2020    Haven of Light. P21, Seoul, South Korea. Curated by Hyejung Jang.

2019     Espace et Tension. Galerie Denise René. Paris, France

2019     How We Live. Hudson Valley Moca. New York, USA

2019     Contemporary Korean Abstract: Series Two. Chapter II. Seoul, KR

2019     Geometry, beyond Simplicity. Museum SAN. Wonju, Gangowon, KR

2019     Negative Space. ZKM Center for Art and Media Karisruhe. Karisruhe, GR

2019     Linha Atemporal. Dan Gallery. Sao Paulo, BR

2018     Everyday Is A Good Day. Spiral. Tokyo, JP

2018     Spiele Mit Der Ewigkeit. Grimmuseum. Berlin, DE

2018     Depot. Jochen Hempel Gallery. Leipzig, DE

2018     Sculpting With Air. DeCordova Museum. Masachussets, US

2017     Between I & Thou, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York, US

2017     The White Heat, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2017     You Are A Space, nook Gallery, Seoul, KR
2016     The Global South: Visions and Revisions, Saludarte Foundation, Miami, US
2016     Dialogue, MARSO, Mexico City, MX
2016     The Apotheosis Of The Fish Market, Marc Straus Annex, New York, US
2015     Spaceliner, ARTER, Istanbul, TR
2015     Dealing With Surfaces, GAK, Bremen, DE
2015     Floating And Sinking, Gallery Factory, Seoul, KR
2015     Meeting Point, Korean Cultural Center, Washington DC, US
2015     Barely There, Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, US
2015     Gray Would Be The Color, If I Had A Heart., Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2014     Installation View, Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, DE
2014     On What There Might Not Be, Galería Libertad, Querétaro, MX
2014     Xigue-Xigue, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2014     Extending The Line 3D, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, US
2014     Along The Lines, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2014     On What There Might Not Be, MARSO, Mexico City, MX
2013     Superposition: Observing Realities, Trinity Museum, New York, US
2013     On Deck, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2013     Tugged, Kabinett, Hannover, DE
2013     Nothing and Everything, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
2012     8 Artsits Making Sculpture, BRIC, New York, US
2012     The Itinerary of Mobility and Translation, Korean Cultural Service, New York, US
2012     Divided By Zero, Artgate Gallery, New York, US
2012     Home, The Willows, New York, US
2011     First Look III, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York, US
2011     Status! Status! Status!, Interstate Projects, New York, US
2011     Imprecise Geometry, 308 at 156 Project Artspace, New York, US
2011     Fragmentation, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, US
2011     Urban Legend, Vaudeville Park, New York, US
2010     Subtle Anxiety, Doosan Gallery, New York, US
2010     More and Less, SVA Gallery, New York, US
2009     Base Station 51-18, Orange Gallery, Seoul, KR
2009     Mr. Gubo's Studio, Gyoha Art Center, Paju, KR
2008     Wild Artist Sanctuary, Soop Gallery, Seoul, KR
2007     The Memory of Earth, Jebiwool Museum, Gwacheon, KR
2007     Canada Cool Connected, Embassy of Canada, Seoul, KR
2007     Your Bag & My Bag, 13.1 Gallery, Seoul, KR


Art Fairs


2020      ARCOmadrid. Sabrina Amrani. Madrid, Spain.
2020      Taipei Dandgai. Sabrina Amrani. Taipei, Taiwan.

2019     viennacontemporary. Sabrina Amrani. Vienna, Austria.

2019     Art Basel Hong Kong. Sabrina Amrani. Hong Kong, China.

2019     ARCOmadrid. Sabrina Amrani. Madrid, Spain.

2019     India Art Fair. Sabrina Amrani. New Delhi, India.

2018     Artissima. Sabrina Amrani. Turin, Italy.

2018     ARCOlisboa. Sabrina Amrani. Lisbon, Portugal.

2018     ARCOmadrid. MARSO. Madrid, Spain.
2017     Art Brussels. Marc Straus. Brussels, Belgium. 
2017     ARCOmadrid. Marc Straus. Madrid, Spain.
2016     Artissima. MARSO. Torino, Italy.
2016     Expo Chicago. Marc Straus. Chicago, USA.
2015     Artissima. MARSO. Torino, Italy.
2014     Zona MACO. MARSO. Mexico City. Mexico.

Grants, Awards & Residencies


2019     El Nucleo Residency. El Espinar, Segovia, SP

2019     CCA Residency. CCA Andratx. Mallorca, SP

2016     MARSO Residency, MARSO, Mexico City, MX
2014     Krinzinger Residency, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AT
2014     Peekskill Waterfornt Project, New York, US
2012     Swing Space Residency, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, US
2012     Grant for Artist in Residence Abroad Program, Arts Council Korea, Seoul, KR


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Arter's New Exhibition Focuses On Lines And Drawings, Kaya Genc, Daily Sabah – 2015.
O 생각한다 ' 흑인이고 에스파뇰이고 한국인이고 혼자 동시 그들 모두', 빙앤띵, being and thing – 2015.
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