The Estate of Chant Avedissian

Chant Avedissian

Photos Digital 2005-2012, 2017

Dibond. 140 × 90 cm.
Editions 2-3 of 3
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His art is based on – and draws inspiration from – the work of many people, of different places throughout the millennia that the artist discovered on his travels and which always conveyed to him the same elemental forms, colours and designs. Chant Avedissian’s work synthesises the colours and geometric patterns that are repeated all along the Silk Route. This photo compilation and selection of images and symbols by the artist makes up an iconographic archive of the East that nourishes his visual discourse about the permeability of cultures. The artist, almost without being aware of it, has created a kind of specific propaganda for the ‘Great East’, a term that Avedissian himself could have coined.

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