‘Aphel’ exhibition at Sabrina Amrani

You can now virtually visit Timo Nasseri’s last show at our gallery in calle Madera. 3D complete show!

DIGITAL ARTIST TALK with Timo Nasseri - Sabine Schaschl in conversation with the artist

Director Sabine Schaschl in conversation with the artist Timo Nasseri. The interview with the artist took place before the opening of the group exhibition "Geometric Opulence" at the museum and was recorded without an audience.

A Visit To German-Iranian Artist Timo Nasseri’s Studio

Harperd Bazar Arabia visits to Timo Nasseri’s Studio. “The studio is generously sized, but there is barely any empty space. Stacked wooden crates occupy the length of the room, a monumental ink drawing hangs behind a workbench, and at the far end, sharing a wall with the Muqarna, I make out an assembly of sculptures and a painting”

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Timo Nasseri and Walid Siti in conversation with British Museum Curator Venetia Porter

Drawing lies at the heart of the practice of Timo Nasseri and Walid Siti. This talk will explore the art they make, what inspires them and how they have been affected by the pandemic.

Art Dubai Portraits talks with Timo Nasseri

For the inquisitive German-Iranian photographer-turned-sculptor Timo Nasseri, the concept of infinity has held a dominant presence in his body of sculptural and illustrative works. The Sfeir-Semler Gallery artist’s bedazzling, small and large drawings demonstrate his fascination with the intricacies of mathematics, geometry, constellations, and Islamic ornamentation. Recipient of Art Dubai’s Abraaj Group Art Prize in 2011, Nasseri has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Paris, Dubai, Tehran, and New Delhi.

An Architecture of Apprehension. Timo Nasseri in conversation with Laura Allsop for IBRAAZ

In this conversation with Ibraaz's Laura Allsop, Nasseri talks about his most recent body of drawings, inspired by a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. Composed of triangles that could, in his words, be 'an explanation for how everything works in a different universe, [or] how to find something in a parallel world', the drawings engage with a variety of ideas including, but not necessarily related, material such as the religious significance of muqarnas – a corbel or a decorative ornament normally found in Islamic architecture – and many-worlds theory. 

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