Mónica de Miranda

Mónica de Miranda, Idealista Contemporary Art Award 2023

"We are carriers of multiple worlds. This is one of the fundamental reflections of my artistic work". Monica de Miranda was born in Portugal and has Angolan origins, origins that she transfers, in a certain way, to the works she has developed throughout her career. One of these works is called "Circular do Sul" ("South Circular") and is on display at the Idealista stand at SIMA -which was held from May 24 to 27- after winning the 5th edition of the Idealista Contemporary Art Award 2023 competition.

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Mónica de Miranda: The Island

Until October 22nd, Monica de Miranda is presenting at Autograph (London) a new exhibition contemplating the complex experiences of Afrodiasporic lives, relationships to the land and colonial pasts. 

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Parallel Projects in Venice: Exhibition Highlights

The small church known as the Oratorio di San Ludovico is a compact space, consisting of a small nave where Path to the Stars (2022), a new film by Mónica de Miranda, is perfectly installed where the altar should have been.

Curated by Paula Nascimento, a large landscape-format screen is supported by a wooden scaffold grid, at the bottom of which a chroma key-green tube light is placed, extending a sense of the uncanny to the illuminated space.

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Portuguese artist Monica de Miranda at the Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art (Portuguese)

Monica de Miranda's film, "alluding to a poem by Agostinho Neto, leader of the anti-colonial struggle and first president of Angola after independence, is narrated by a female fighter, who not only represents the female presence in the independence movements, as her representation claims". Path to the stars, she adds, "suggests a chrono-political allegory, in which the way the past sees the future conditions the way the present sees the past".

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'Shadows Fall Behind'. Mónica de Miranda. 30 Mar – 4 Jun 2022

You can now virtually visit Mónica de Miranda’s show at our gallery in calle Madera. 3D complete show!

"All That Burns Melts Into Air". Mónica de Miranda. 20th Nov - 16th Jan 2021

You can now virtually visit Mónica de Miranda's show at our gallery in calle Sallaberry. Check here the complete show in 3D!

Mónica de Miranda’s Geography of Affections

Modernist ruins, dramatic landscapes, immersive sounds, and affective spaces characterise the work of Mónica de Miranda, who describes the scope of her practice as a personal geography of affections.

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Mónica de Miranda's 'Panorama' at Bienal Sur

The curatorial proposal aims to bring into play the tension between the traditional concept of landscape - the one that represents nature in its pure and wild state - and contemporary artistic productions around it. In this sense, the landscape today is the object of the critical look of the artist with a bias that challenges the observer and his reality. In this way, through different formats and materialities, the abstraction and reconstruction of the landscape in the networks, the urban horizon, the perspective of an insurmountable panorama due to the violence along with the complaints regarding the use and abuse of the natural environment.

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Mónica de Miranda at 'Meu Corpo, Minha Língua' Group show

Mónica de Miranda participates in the exhibition 'Meu Corpo, Minha Língua', a reflection on the status of women in Portuguese-speaking countries. From November 20th 2019 to January 20th 2020.

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Mónica de Miranda at Museu de História Natural de Luanda group show

'Taxidermia do Futuro' is a group show at the Museu de História Natural de Luanda presenting artworks by Mónica de Miranda among others. Curated by Bruno Leitão and Paula Nascimento, the exhibition was before at the Lumbumbashi Biennial 2019 and now started in Luanda from December 5th until January 16th.

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Mónica de Miranda's artworks at Fotofest Biennial 'African Cosmologies'

FotoFest has revealed the artists participating in its upcoming biennial, “African Cosmologies: Photography, Time, and the Other,” taking place in Houston from March 8 to April 19, 2020. Mónica de Miranda will participate with a selection of works.

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PANORAMA - Mónica de Miranda

Panorama is the first solo exhibition of Mónica de Miranda in Angola, an artist whose multimedia work deals with themes related to geographies of affection, poetics of belonging and the processes of construction of identities.

The Aestheticized Interview with Monica de Miranda

"I believe that the artist can create and talk about art only from his/her subjective position.To have a political responsibility that extends beyond the artistic territory is too much of a burden which could jeopardize the artist's creativity and freedom. In such a case, the art serves a function, becoming a manifesto. Art should not fulfill a function, it should be free." Read all the interview with Mónica de Miranda.

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Mónica de Miranda - Portuguese Screen Printing's Center

Approach to the work of the artist Mónica de Miranda in the Portuguese Center of Serigraphy.

WRG Magazine - The Land of no Melancholy

This short selection of Mónica de Miranda’s photographic works focuses on the relationship between the human and the land, not in a way where the land would belong to the characters, but in the way where the characters belong to the land.

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C& Interview - Putting the Finger in the Wound

Artist Mónica de Miranda and curator Paula Nascimento have been working together for years. Their latest project leads them back to Angola where de Miranda explores narratives around the Hotel Panorama in Luanda as well as concepts of ownership and power. Paula Nascimento speaks with C& about the subtleties of de Miranda’s art, architectural symphonies and colonial spaces.

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Globo Hotel - Mónica de Miranda (PORTUGUESE)

In the heart of Luanda stands the Hotel Globo, a building that marked the heyday of modernist architecture overseas. Now in full decline, the building does not house tourists. In fact, there are very few tourists in Angola. It has become a temporary home for many Angolans from other provinces who come to try their luck in the capital. It has also become the home of many local artists. For Mónica de Miranda, it's also a metaphor.

The Guardian interviews Mónica de Miranda

"Like so many buildings in Angola’s capital, Luanda, Hotel Panorama has been abandoned. It’s a relic of colonial times. Built in the 1960s, the hotel is a landmark of tropical modernist architecture – a kind of African take on Le Corbusier. But its own history has been entirely lost. I have found almost nothing about it in any archive", says artist Mónica de Miranda.

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Forbes - A Modernist Paradise Haunted By Ghosts: Mónica De Miranda's Images Of The Hotel Luanda

Despite being a city located in one of the least developed places in the world, the cost of living in Luanda is higher than in London or New York. The reason is the boom in the oil industry and the poor infrastructure that the city has. Hotel Panorama was once one of the most luxurious of the Angolan capital. Today, it is an abandoned building and in a state of decadence. "Panorama explores the connections between the past and present memories of the city, in order to create an awareness of the country’s history and to convey our relationship to history through colonial buildings and the country’s most iconic landscapes.” explains Mónica De Miranda to Forbes.

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Buala Magazine – About Monica de Miranda’s 'Panorama' Project

The Panorama project by Mónica de Miranda takes up what the Globo Hotel project was and develops it in detail regarding the geographical, social and historical study of Luanda. Among the historical layers that can be seen in these buildings we can contemplate colonialism, independence, the post-cold war period of the post-civil war ... A complicated framework of memory of the city that could shed light to imagine different futures.

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