"Merestone". Jong Oh. Sep 14 - Nov 4 2023

You can now virtually visit Jong Oh's third solo show at our gallery in Sallaberry St. Check here the complete show in 3D!

Radar Seoul interview with Jong Oh

"Interestingly, this decision to settle in one place provided me with a fresh perspective and the opportunity to revisit some of my earlier works that I had temporarily set aside, such as my small watercolor pieces and the Folding Drawing series. In hindsight, even though none of this was part of my original plan, it has all ultimately worked in my favor." - Jong Oh

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Jong Oh’s Sotto Voce

“Sotto Voce means whisper. I chose that name because the process of my work is listening. For a few days, I just listen to the space”, says artist Jong Oh. “I would like the viewers to slow down and try to listen to that sound”, wishes Oh. For his work, we are talking about very delicate and minimalistic sculptures generally hanging down the wall or from the ceiling. Mixing with them. The materials: springs, strings, plexiglas, chains, wood sticks, pencil lines on the wall… This sound, explains the artist, “is the energy of the space”. The space he works with and he fills: “I see the space like a paper”.

Artland Magazine interviews artist Jong Oh

Practicing a restrained and poetic minimalism that sees him work nomadically from space to space, Jong Oh has developed a masterful practice exploring ways of describing space. In stark contrast to Judd’s famous ‘Specific Object’ diktat, Jong has instead mastered the unspecific—an ethereal and meticulously crafted combination of line and space, mutable according to the fluctuations of light, shadow and viewing perspective.

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Jong Oh's interview at 'El Núcleo'

The artist Jong Oh talks about his work and the month he spent in Spain after his residency at El Núcleo. The artist is known for traveling lightly and carrying everything necessary for his creations in a small backpack. His workshop studio is the space in which he exposes. Inspiration can come from anywhere: from a stone found on his path to dealing with the horses he encountered during his residence at El Núcleo.

Jong Oh takes part of the show Negative Space at ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Jong Oh takes part of the show Negative Space at ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. By featuring more than 200 pioneering artistic positions, which develop novel approaches to sculpture through processes and models of abstraction, construction and non-objectivity, the exhibition provides manifold artistic references to unfold the concept of »negative space«. The trajectories of spatial sculpture will be traced along the lines of cubism, constructivism, neo-constructivism, minimal art to present-day installative immersive environments.

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Jong Oh in Sabrina Amrani's booth at Art Basel In Hong Kong 2019

A solo presentation by Jong Oh in Sabrina Amrani's booth at the Discoveries sector of Art Basel in Hong Kong 2019

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Lodestar | Jong Oh | Sabrina Amrani Art Gallery in Madrid

The sculpture of the Korean artist Jong Oh plays with proportions and angles that could seem impossible, defies the laws of physics by means of occult optical illusions, creates shadows where there are none, or threads that seem to rise upwards instead of falling suspended . Some even deceive gravity and float horizontally, without visible support. However, the illusion is not the intention of his work. We speak of minimalism in essence and an ingenious game with the spaces that seem to sprout (or be suspended) these small architectures full of elegance and delicacy.

Jong Oh - Compo-site #11, 2014

Take a look at Jong Oh's minimalist spacial sculptures, made out of strings, chains, Plexiglas... Watch in a video some details practically impossible to perceive in photography.

Art And Aesthetics - Visual Haikus Giving Shape to Space

Using simple materials such as thin strings, metal chains and Plexiglas, New York-based Korean artist Jong Oh creates minimalistic site-specific sculptures that give “shape to space”.

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Jong Oh - The Apotheosis of the Fish Market

Two Korean artists among whom is Jong Oh. A space that was a fish market in Chinatown New York and that will soon die to become a condominium. The perfect combination to build or intervene an ephemeral space full of poetics.

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Observer review - Talk at Marc Straus Gallery

Korean artist Jong Oh, who makes minimal sculptures from hand-painted strings, jewelry chains, pieces of clear Plexiglass and photographs is joined by architect Nathan Rich and Marc Straus gallery director Ken Tan for a discussion of Mr. Oh's delicate work, which is currently on view in the gallery.

Droste Effect Magazine - Jong Oh’s Shapes of Perturbation

Matilde Soligno interviews Jong Oh at his solo exhibition in New York. The artist talks about how his work has become more minimalist through the years, the silenced sounds contained in it, the architecture referred... Read the interview and discover more about Jong Oh.

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