Ayesha Jatoi – Lahore Literary Festival

The agenda and authenticity of popular history. Mehreen Murtaza, Ayesha Jatoi, and Vali Mahlouji. Moderated by Iftikhar Dadi.

Fabric(ated) Fractures at Concrete, Alserkal Avenue

Curated by Campbell Betancourt and held in a collaboration between Alserkal and the Samdani Art Foundation. The exhibition explores ‘sensitive spaces –those that challenge ideas of nation, state, and territory through the Works of several artists including Ayesha Jatoi.

The National reviews 'Fabric(ated) Fractures', by Ayesha Jatoi

Borders and the very idea of nations are challenged in this sparingly composed show featuring artists from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Thailand. Among them, Ayesha Jatoi.

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Pakistani Women Reclaim Identity Through Pointed and Playful Performances

An exhibition at apexart shows how 12 Pakistani artists (Ayesha Jatoi among them) are exploring performance and self-portraiture to define their identities on their terms.

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