Mohau Modisakeng
13 Sep - 10 Nov 2018

KIN is a solo debut presentation of an immersive, dramatic and poetic body of work of by contemporary artist Modisakeng. While, there is a growing expectation of sophistication when considering the work of contemporary artists from Africa, few can lay claim to leading this stylistic and aesthetic quality than Modisakeng. There is a deliberate atmospheric, esoteric and aesthetic malevolence in Mohau’s work with an underbelly of sardonic cruelty finely disguised. Half-nude black men are draped in white undergarment, sometimes sitting all together, at other times all laying on the floor,  one man standing while others are seated, a performance. There are horns. A man holding a large feather. And, in each frame, the men are faceless. Yet, this deliberate obfuscation is revealing. Each frame is infused with marked symbolism.