UBIK’s work is present in some of the most prestigious private and public arab contemporary art collections, such as the Samawi Collection and The Farook Collection.UBIK is an Indian artist living and working in Dubai, UAE. Born 1985.

His work experiments with a variety of mediums. He does not position his work in a specific genre. The core of UBIK's work deals with the relative ideology of chaos. It renders the absurdity of the world order and comments on the machinated playgrounds of human cliches, in a sarcastic and realistic way. UBIK crafts his work to be conceptual. Not in the form of technicality but rather its reactionary possibilities. The process of the work is to urge and provoke the viewer to self-reflect. The viewer is not an isolated agent, but rather his/er reaction is an integral part to the artistic production.

Currently, UBIK is heavily influenced by film, beatnik and gonzo literature, music, street art, anarchism and existentialist thought. His older works include drawings and paintings while his recent work has moved into a more conceptual direction, with a strong focus on text.


Solo Exhibitions


2016   As you can see. Exhibit 320. New Delhi, India.
2015   Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
2012   Dissident. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
2011   Relate to the Matter As I Drop the Bomb, Traffic, Dubai

Group Exhibitions


2016   Der Sand aus den Uhren. Franz Josefs Kai 3. Vienna, Austria.

2016  1497. Green Art Gallery. Dubai, UAE.
2014   Thanks for Writing, 601Artspace, New York, USA
2014   Please rewind!. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain
2013   MONOCROMÁTICOS, Galería Adora Calvo, Salamanca, Spain
2012   A Most Precarious Relationship, Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah
2012   TEXT ME, Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai
2012   The Samawi Collection II, Ayyam Gallery, Dubai
2012   THE STATE: Domination, Hegemony and The Panopticon, Traffic, Dubai
2011   THE STATE: The Coming Insurrection, Vol. 1, Traffic, Dubai
2011   THE STATE: SOCIAL / ANTISOCIAL?, Traffic and The Third Line, Dubai
2011   "West End?" , Museum on Seam , Jerusalem, Israel


2013    Biennale Jogja XII Equator#2 2013, Jogja, Indonesia
2012    Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi, India


2014    Incidentals, Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai, UAE
2013    Sculpture On The Beach, Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2012    With A Little Help From My Friends, The Pavilion Downtown, Dubai, UAE
2012    Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2012    SIKKA, Dubai, UAE
2012    Art Dubai Projects, Dubai, UAE
2011    Satellite Broadcast 001: Tahrir Sq., Satellite, Dubai, UAE

Art fairs


2017     India Art Fair, Sabrina Amrani, New Delhi, India.

2016    Art Dubai, Sabrina Amrani, Dubai, UAE.

2016    India Art Fair, Sabrina Amrani, New Delhi, India.

2015    ArtInternational, Sabrina Amrani, Istanbul, Turkey
2014    Art Dubai, Sabrina Amrani, Dubai, UAE
2014    Art14 London, Sabrina Amrani, London, UK
2013    Artissima 20, Sabrina Amrani, Torino, Italy
2013    Art Dubai 2013, Sabrina Amrani, Dubai, UAE
2012    JustMad Mia, Sabrina Amrani, Miami, USA
2012    Beirut Art Fair, Sabrina Amrani, Beirut, Lebanon
2011    Art Dubai, Traffic, Dubai, UAE




2017     TIFA Working Studios ARTEL. Pune, India.


Private Collections


Farook Collection.

The Samawi Collection.