Manal AlDowayan

Manal AlDowayan - Conversations in Art Basel: zones of conflict

War, national and transnational conflicts, as well as socio-political systems of imbalance and injustice have been part of everyday discourses for decades. Recent political tensions in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as discriminatory practices towards minorities are also affecting the cultural sphere. Manal AlDowayan, among other artists from different cultural backgrounds, all of them originating form regions of conflict, will reflect upon the situation in their respective places of origin and how they incorporate it in their works. How do they mediate conflict, dislocation, and discrimination in their practice? To what extend have war and injustice had repercussions on them? And how do they evaluate their impact as artists on these issues?

Manal AlDowayan Interview: Protecting Words

Each work of the artist Manal AlDowayan involves one or several slogans in the struggle for equality of women, especially in the country that concerns her by birth: Saudi Arabia. In 2005, only 3% of women had a working position, while 60% had a university education. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz said in a public speech that during his reign, women would become part of the country's workforce, along with men. The joy did not last long: next day’s newspapers spoke of a working woman, yes, but only in accordance with the positions that corresponded to her nature. "What suits my nature as a woman and who decides what suits my nature as a woman?", says the artist.

A force to reckon with

In Saudi Arabia, women need the permission of a man to cross the border of the country. This permission is completed through official papers. After various works about the position that women occupy in their country and also in the world, the lack of independence to travel was the starting point of the project of the artist Manal AlDowayan exhibited at the Sabrina Amrani Gallery in Madrid. For this, the artist asked for travel permits to Saudi women. The artist thought she would get the permits of a dozen. She had more than 200 replies. Listen to this interview in Conversations on the Avenue's podcast.

Beyond Borders Scotland Interviews 2013 - Manal Al Dowayan

“What suits my nature as a woman and who decides what suits my nature as a woman?” Is the starting line for the works artist Manal AlDowayan talks in this interview. A series of photoshoots with female film makers, teachers, engineers, doctors, artists… called I am. “Cultural leadership needs to be supported in a very focus way becouse there is an impact (in social changes)”, says the artist. People that do social changes don’t really exist as role models. They are not usually movie or sport stars...

124 doves to fight for the women rights

María Beguiristain, artistic coordinator of Fundación Banco Santander, talks about 'Suspended toghether', the piece by Manal AlDowayan that opens the exhibition ‘Look at the World Around You. Contemporary Works from Qatar Museums'.

Prologue 3: Manal AlDowayan, visual artist

P3 was held at Intercultural Museum (IKM) in Oslo. October 21st and 22nd 2017. Manal AlDowayan talks about projects like Suspended Toghether, My name, tree of guardians, Side lines. All of them strongly committed with women rights, specially in her Country, Saudi Arabia.

Manal Aldowayan opens Sabrina Amrani's second space

The new headquarters, six times the surface the space located in Madera Street, opens to the public with the latest works of Manal AlDowayan.

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Imagining our Cities through Public Art - Manal AlDowayan

A city cannot be imagined until someone writes or makes a work about it. So how do art practitioners access our cities and their people? Manal AlDowayan talks about it in this video.

A Journey of Belonging by Manal AlDowayan

Manal AlDowayan talks about culture shocks in society. Culture shocks in the places where she lives… But specially about the situation of women in Saudi Arabia. And AlDowayan talks through her works.

I Am Here: Manal AlDowayan Challenges Boundaries

An article about Manal AlDowayan's exhibition in Rojas + Rubensteen Projects, in Miami. The artist delves into language and personal histories through photography, installation, and mixed media using neon and video, predominately in black and white.

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Manal AlDowayan - Under the Spell of Memory

An article in Artnet News about Manal AlDowayan’s exhibition And I, Will I Forget at Cuadro Fine Art Gallery in Dubai.

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ABC Newspaper interviews Manal AlDowyan

Interview with the artist Manal AlDowayan about Arab art, the new orientalisms and the situation of Saudi women in the times of Bin Salman's reformist agenda.

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