Artist Talk: Babak Golkar

Vancouver-based artist Babak Golkar’s installation Time to Let Go…reveals his interest in inviting public experiences of material objects. Touching on the working process for creating the installation’s large-scale terracotta vessels, the artist speaks to his interest in the scream as a tangible experience of art in a public place.

Babal’s Golkar working process

Artist Babak Golkar talks in Seattle about his work: where the ideas come from and his experience in the creative process through his works during his career as an artist.

Babak Golkar talks about his work in Dubai

Parergon is a series of sculptural works presented by Babak Golkar that aim to distort, challenge and yet reconsider the idea of the frame, linguistically and literally. Employing engagement strategies such as humor and performitivity, these works centre on iconic architectures from the Eastern cultures that have shifted in context throughout history.

Babak Golkar - 'Then, Now, And Then'

An Interview with Babak Golkar at the exhibition Then, Now, And Then in Vancouver. Questioning the question o an endless game as meanings for his work.

Babak Golkar, Interviewed at his Studio (ARABIC)

Babak Golkar at his studio in Vancouver.

Curator Wendy Peart interviews Babak Golkar

A playful work but also with a political message within. Discover the world of artist Babak Golkar, how he conceives his work, his career and why not, part of his life.

The National: Shifting Meanings Through Picture Frames

Iranian artist Babak Golkar says he is fascinated by the metaphor of the frame for fluidity in meaning and function. When we look at a painting, the ornate frame around it could almost disappear. So the question arises: what is the frame there for at all?

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