Amina Benbouchta

Sans Titre 11, 2011
Amina Benbouchta

Photography. Fine Art Baryte Paper, Ink with pigment, 40x50cm. Edition of 3

'Down in the rabbit hole' was Amina Benbouchta’s first approach to photography. In the photos of this series, she recreates gender scenarios in which the artist appears herself with her head covered, surrounded by oniric objects. In a luxurious surrounding, beautifully decorated , with undeniable elegance there is a woman who has become another object on the setting. 

The artist, who until now had focused her career in painting and installations, talks in this proposal about the situation of women in contemporary society, particularly in Arab countries. As it happens to Alice in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the woman depicted by Benbouchta is lost between the outside and the inside, and is in constant search of its identity. In this indoor decor, in this familiar landscape, all women can identify no matter where they live or their social condition: there is not a single woman that has not felt at one time or another faceless, depersonalized, turned into an object invisible in a home that has become a prison.


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