Group show

29 Feb - 7 Apr 2012

Three artists, a moroccan, a tunisian and an algerian, share their visión about art, women and her situation in North African countries in the group show ‘Cuerpos’, a word that resembles of a reivindication: that of making visible the identity of the arab woman, whose body is often covered, and even hidden to the eyes of their closest dearest.

The first group show at Sabrina Amrani will gather the views of Amina Benbouchta (1963, Morocco); Nicène Kossentini (1976, Tunisia) and Zoulikha Bouabdellah (1977, Algeria), that comes back to the gallery after the success of her first show ‘Mirage’, where she reflected about the wave of change in the arab world.

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Participating in the I Festival Miradas de Mujeres

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