Chant Avedissian

Chant Avedissian was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1951 and passed away in the same city in 2018. Coming from Christian Armenian traditions due to his origins, but raised and educated inside the Egyptian culture and schools, he and his work had been always committed to the identity of nations, traditions and culture.  His work for the Aga Khan Foundation with celebrated Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy (1900-1989), inspired him to develop a strong interest in traditional art and local materials: all the tracks and tools he follows to understand and get a close look to his own primal identity as a transversal human being.


Well travelled, Avedissian finds icons from traditional arts and local cultures around the world and transfer them to his own universe, working through a wide range media, including photography ant textiles. Since 1990, his most known work focuses in painted stencils on cardboard, showing the icons he found during his trips all around the world trough several countries, from Egypt to Uzbekistan, Paris to Canada, from Cuba to Greece. Avedissian stencils collect symbols and icons from every corner visited by the artist and translate them into his own artistic language.



1976   Major in sculpture. École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris. France           

1973   Graduate Montreal Museum of Fine Arts at School of Art and Design, Montreal, Canada.

1967   Kalousdian Armenian School, Boulaq, Cairo. Egypt.

Solo Exhibitions


2018     Al Musiqa, voix et musiques du monde arabe. Paris Philharmonie. Paris, France.

2018     A Levantine heading East. Casa Árabe. Cordoba, Spain.

2017   Un levantino camino del Este. Casa Árabe. Madrid, Spain.

2017   Transfer, transport, Transit. Sabrina Amrani, Madrid, Spain.
2006   Gallery Janine Rubeiz, Beirut, Lebanon.

2000   Solo show curated by Elizabeth Harney. National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, US.

1998   New Stencils on Arab Women. British Council, Cairo. Egypt

1996   Panels and Stencils. Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. Holland.

1995   Stencil show. Icons of the Nile. Leighton House Museum, London. UK.

1994   Stencil show, Icons of the Nile. Galerie 50 x70, Beirut, Lebanon.

1992    Stencilled panels curated by Basma El-Husseiny at the British Council, Cairo. Egypt.

1991   Stencils at Mireille and Kenton Keith’s house in Cairo. Egypt.

1990   Costume show at the Institut du monde arabe, Paris. Closing of the exhibition Egypt-Egypt. France.

1988   Costume show organized by Shahira Mehrez, at Manial Palace, Golden Hall, Cairo. Egypt.

1985   Textile hangings organised by historian and art collector Shahira Mehrez, Cairo. Egypt.

1979   Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Centre art gallery, Los Angeles, CA. US.

1979   Carzou Hall, Cairo. Egypt.

1978   Atelier of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.

1976   Carzou Hall, Cairo. Egypt.

1974   Carzou Hall, Cairo. Egypt.

1973   Carzou Hall, Kalousdian School, Cairo. Egypt.

1971   Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association, Montreal. Canada.

1971   Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association, Boston. US.

1970   Carzou Hall, Kalousdian Armenian School, Cairo. Egypt.

1969   Kalousdian Armenian School parents' council, Cairo. Egypt.

Group Exhibitions


2017     From Sound to Silence. Galerie Tanit. Beirut, Lebanon.

2015    Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915–2015, Whitechapel Gallery, London. UK.

2014    What Remains Part I, Rose Issa Projects, London. UK.

2012    Re-Orientations II, Rose Issa Projects, London. UK.

2012    Green: A Spring Hanging, Rose Issa Projects, London. UK.

2010    Arabicity, Beirut Exhibition Centre, Beirut. Lebanon.

2009    Taswir -Pictorial Mappings of Islam & Modernity, Martin Gropius Bau Museum, Berlin. Germany.

2008    Re-Orientations: Contemporary Arab Representations, curated by Rose Issa. European Parliament, Brussels. Belgium.

2003    Love Affairs, curated by Rose Issa. IFA Galleries, Stuttgart, Bonn and Berlin. Germany.

1998    The Shape of Memories. Curated by Rose Issa. Berchem Cultural Centre, Antwerp, Belgium

1984    Fotografia Mediterrania. Centre Cultural de la Caixa de Pensions, Barcelona, Spain.

1995    The Art of African Textiles. Curated by Carole Brown. Barbican, London. UK.


1995    Kwangju Biennale, Korea.


Art fairs


2018     Art Basel in Hong Kong. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Hong Kong, China. (solo)

2018     ARCOmadrid. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2017     Abu Dhabi Art. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Abu Dhabi, UAE. (solo)

2017     Artissima. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Turin, Italy.

2017     Art Brussels. Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Brussels, Belgium.


Public Colections

National Museum of African Art - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, US
British Airways Collection, London, UK
The British Museum, London, UK
British Council, Cairo, Egypt
National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.





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