'Abstraction Contained'

Waqas Khan

Mantaining his pulse, dot by dot. Travelling over each pore of the paper with a precision pen as his only ally. This is how the pakistani artist works. Waqas Khan is the protagonist of the show ‘Abstraction Contained’, with which Sabrina Amrani Art Gallery celebrates its first anniversary. Khan’s proposal updates the south asian miniaturist tradition so the retina of the viewer can endlessly dance on the works. With a whole lot of concentration, patience and dedication, the pakistani reveals what is beyond the visible world.


Khan was captivated by Bardhakhat technique, base of the Mughal miniaturistic painting, while he was studying at the National College of Art of Lahore (Pakistan). It is a milenary method of crafting the drawings dot by dot with a thin brush made of squirrel hair. The surface is always the same: wasli paper, a multilayer handmade paper with natural glue that contains copper sulphate, which prevents the work from eating paper bug attacks and guarantees perdurability. Of a smooth touch, its grain is almost imperceptible because it is polished with a shell or stone


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