Sabrina Amrani

International Emerging Artist Award

Open Call for Emerging Artists:
International Emerging Artist Award

Sabrina Amrani and International Emerging Artist Award are pleased to announce the open call for entries to IEAA 2013, for emerging artists from all over the world.

Sabrina Amrani Gallery has partnered with the International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) for its 3rd edition, to uncover emerging talents from all over the world and help them launch their careers as internationally acclaimed artists. The prize will be awarded to an International artist and an Emirati artist.

The IEAA is the United Arab Emirates’ first contemporary art award open for both Emirati and international participants. Based in Dubai, the IEAA was created with the vision to provide a world class recognition for emerging artists and as a means to showcase their work by offering visibility on the international art scene. IEAA strives also to contribute to the UAE’s vision to position the UAE as a global hub for emerging art.

For the 2013-2014 award edition, IEAA is pursuing its mission to offer the best career incentive to its winners with a prize that will motivate any ambitious artist by exclusively tying up with Sabrina Amrani Gallery to offer an outstanding prize to both an Emirati and an international winner: a 2 year gallery representation by Sabrina Amrani Gallery.

IEAA and Sabrina Amrani are pleased to announce the open call for entries for the IEAA 3rd award edition. Entries will be accepted until 31st of January 2014.

  • Open Call for Artist
    11th November 2013
  • Call for Entries Ends
    31st January 2014
  • Shortlisted announced
    February 2014
  • Winners revealed
    May 2014